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Electrical Service Upgrades in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Call on our experienced technicians in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, for electrical service upgrades with Homeline panel boxes. Our electrical contractors take pride in offering the highest quality panel boxes and circuit breakers on the market.

Hartmann Electrical Contracting uses only the best equipment and materials available. Square D® Homeline panel boxes and circuit breakers are utilized in service upgrades. Call us for your no-obligation free estimate today

Feature for feature, Homeline panels outclass the competition. With new and exclusive features, Homeline is the smart choice for value and performance-minded homeowners.

- Straight-in mains design helps reduce the need to bend service cable, cutting waste and saving installation time.
- Convertible mains let you meet changing job site requirements by field converting main breaker load centers to
main lugs or vice versa.
- Optional high interrupting field installed main breakers increase short circuit current rating to
22,000/10,000 ampere.
- Interior is easily removed for paint or theft protection during rough-in.
- Single, captive screw can't be lost; interior mounts quickly and easily.
- Split branch neutral with up to 50% more terminations than required.
- Reduces clutter and simplifies wiring.
- Combination slot/square-drive neutral ground and cover screws let you use either standard flat blade screwdrivers
or square-head screwdrivers for reduced slippage and improved torque.
- Improved bus and interior assembly is among the most rugged in the industry.
- Three ground bar mounting locations (left, right, bottom) let you pick the easiest spot to wire.
- Tangential main service knockouts eliminate the need for costly service conduit offset, simplifying and
speeding installation.
- Complete load center rotates for top or bottom feed to meet job site requirements and reduce service cable waste.
Contact us today in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, to request a free estimate for a service upgrade or Homeline panel box.